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SCSM Perf Test Harness

Within the past few months many large customers have approached the System Center engineering team desiring to use Service Manager beyond the tested/supported scalability limits in some cases the customer had already deployed or were planning to deploy Service Manager to production despite being warned that the product had not been tested to those levels and would not be supported in cases where the product performance was deemed to be impacted by the large scale.

As a result the System Center engineering team undertook a project to test Service Manager to a higher scale while adjusting variables such as hardware, turning off features that don't perform at scale, and simulating customer usage profiles (transaction volume, data volume, and features used).

This CodePlex project is the code that resulted to make this tool.

For Usage Information please go to the Using the Perf Test Harness page.

If you have any questions please contact ChBooth or RadTravis - Thanks!

- Christian (ChBooth)

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